Customization Policy

We want you to have a fantastic experience with your purchase, and we gladly accept returns within 30 days of your purchase. However, please note that there are certain custom products that we are unable to accept returns for. We want to be transparent and provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision.

Here are a few factors that may affect the eligibility for returns on custom products:

1. Print Appearance Based on Buyer's Photos: The quality and appearance of the print work are dependent on the photos provided by the buyer. We strive to deliver the best results based on the images you share with us and so we recommend that you send us high-quality images for best results.

2. Typo or Misspelled Words: It's essential to double-check the text and ensure there are no typos or misspelled words before placing your order. Once the printing process is complete, we are unable to make changes to the text.

3. Size Expectations: If you select a specific print size, it's important to keep in mind that the finished product may appear slightly smaller than anticipated due to various factors. We recommend reviewing the size details provided and considering them before making your decision.

4. Changes to Design after Completion: Once the printing process is finished, it becomes challenging to make additional changes to the text or design. We encourage you to review and approve the design before giving us the go-ahead to proceed with printing.

5. Gang Sheet Constraints: In some cases, if a design appears small due to the gang sheet being overcrowded with other designs, it might impact the overall appearance. Our team will contact you if we anticipate any issues and provide suggestions to ensure the best possible outcome.

If we identify any potential issues that may impact the appearance of your designs or prints, our dedicated team members will reach out to you with helpful suggestions. However, if you insist on proceeding with the printing as is and authorize us to move forward, please note that we cannot be held liable for any discrepancies in the final outcome. Unfortunately, these issues do not qualify for a return or reprint.

We genuinely appreciate your understanding and cooperation in these matters. If you have any questions or concerns, our team is always here to assist you. We want to ensure that you're satisfied with your custom products and enjoy them to the fullest.
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